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Your account / profile settings can be accessed directly at the following:

The settings are also accessible by tapping / clicking on your profile photo icon to open the Account Overview panel / page.


Your profile photo icon is located at the bottom right.


Your profile photo icon is located at the top right.

On the Account Overview panel / page, select "Settings".

This brings you to the Edit Profile page.


On this page, you can upload a profile photo, profile banner photo, as well as configure the following:

Display Name

Your display name is however you wish for people to refer to you on Sharesome, such as your first name, persona name, or nickname.

Sharesome URL

Your Sharesome URL is what the link to your profile will be. (i.e.

Note: The URL must be available and not already taken.

Email Address

Your email address. 

Note: If your account is new or you change your email address, you will need to verify the email address. This will be indicated with the following:

Please check your Inbox for the verification email and tap / click the verification link within the email to complete email address verification. If you need a new verification email sent, tap / click the "Verify email" indicator.

Next, tap / click the "Send new confirmation link" button.

Note: If you are experiencing difficulty receiving the verification email, our friendly and helpful Support staff can look into the issue. You can contact Support via the following:

Open a Support Ticket:


Send a Chat Message to Support:


The password that you set during Sign Up.

Note: You can change your password by tapping / clicking the "Change" button.

Passwords must be at least 6 characters long.

Enter your old password, your new password, and then enter your new password a second time in the "Confirm Password" field.


Tap the "Save" link located at the top right.


Click the "Save Changes" button located to the bottom right.


An optional setting if you want to specify your Birthday.


An optional setting if you want to specify your gender.


An optional setting if you want to specify your location.

About Yourself

This is your opportunity to provide more information about yourself. Your likes, your dislikes. Anything that you want to share with the community. 

Note: You can add basic formatting to the text with simple markup as outlined above.

Profile Type

If your account is verified, a "Profile Type" is displayed depending on your verification type.

The verification types consist of the following:

  1. Artist/Illustrator/Writer/Amateur Porn Enthusiast
  2. Brand
  3. Pornstar/Cam-Model/Performer

Note: To be able to upload photos and videos, you must first complete account verification.

For step-by-step account verification instructions, please see the following:

Note: If you need to change your Profile Type, tap / click the "Change profile type" button. Next, select your new profile type and tap / click the "Change Verification" button to proceed with the new verification process.

Posts & Content

Content Settings:

This section allows you to specify whether or not your content is safe for work or consists of not safe for work (NSFW). Next, you specify if your NSFW content is Sexual or Non-Sexual. Lastly, choose a category that best fits your content.

Post Settings:

This section allows you to configure your posting frequency and whether or not you wish to require a confirmation prior to deleting a post.

Note: At the beginning, your posting frequency is limited to one post every 4 hours.

The number of posts that you can create depends on your Sharesome Score. More information on this can be found at the following:

Why can I only post every 4 hours?


This section allows you to configure various visibility options that you would like to include or exclude for community members to be able to see or not see. In addition, you can view blocked users that you have previously blocked, manage access rights to apps that you previously granted access permission to, as well as several Pro features (available to Pro subscribers) such as disabling ads and promotions and viewing profile visitors.

Display likes page

If you would like for community members to be able to see content that you have Liked, tick this box and save your settings. However, if you want to keep your Likes private, keep this setting unticked.

Display last seen

If you would like community members to be able to see when you were last online, tick this box and save your settings. However, if you want to keep your last time online information private, keep this setting unticked.

Disable ads and promotions

This option is available to Pro subscribers. To disable ads and promotions, tick the box and save your settings.

Blocked users

If you have previously blocked a user or users, here is where you can manage your blocked users list. Tap / Click the "Blocked users" button to see the blocked users list.

If you wish to unblock a user within your list, tap / click the "Unblock" button for the user.

Profile visitors

This feature is available to Pro subscribers and allows you to view the users who have visited your profile. Tap / Click the "Profile visitors" button to view the list.

Access Rights

If you have previously granted apps access permissions, to view or revoke access, tap / click the "Manage Permissions" button to view the access rights list.


This section shows your current subscriptions as well as subscription options.

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